Need a Concrete Parking Lot For Your Business?

Choose our parking lot installation service in Akron, OH

A place to park is important for any business. But it's also important to keep your parking lot free from cracks, bumps and potholes. At LES Concrete LLC, we provide parking lot installations that prevent car damage and tripping hazards. Our team will come to your Akron, OH area business on a date that's convenient for you. Once we're there, we'll install a new concrete parking lot, replace damaged sections or tear out the entire thing.

Give your customers a smooth place to park with our professional parking lot installation service.

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Want a new concrete parking lot? Our team will:

  • Use stone to compact the surface before pouring
  • Apply wire to maintain the structural integrity
  • Add rebar if necessary
  • Pour your concrete parking lot at 4500 psi

If you're ready for a stronger, smoother parking surface, reach out today by calling 330-977-1026.